High Accuracy and independent PV Module EL and Flash Testing (before or After Ownership Transfer)

We enable PV module buyers and plant owners to independently validate quality and performance of the modules to ensure maximum profitability and operational safety of their photovoltaic projects. Our harbor laboratory services in Rotterdam (OdinSpire) and Valencia (Spire Iberia) allow them to both EL and Flash test the pv modules even before the transfer of ownership.

Both Spire Solar Iberia and OdinSpire Rotterdam indepently determine the actual output of a PV module, offering the lowest measurement uncertainty

Being part of the Eternal Sun group, the industry-leading manufacturer of solar simulators for pv manufacturers and R&D laboratories, we are able to provide pv testing services under STC conditions in temperature controlled physical laboratories while offering the highest level of measurement accuracy (uncertainty of only 2%). Furthermore we provide inline testing services (auditing PV manufacturing plants and independent production supervision) in China, India, Vietnam, South Korea and anywhere else in the world.

Independent PV module testing (EL testing and Flash testing) in the ports of Valencia and Rotterdam

As part of the Eternalsun Spire group, we offer PV module testing services in two laboratories strategically located in key ports in Europe: the port of Valencia in Spain, and the Dutch port of Rotterdam, which operates through OdinSpire. This allows our customers to verify the modules quality and performance, before ownership transfer of the PV modules.

Odin is the leading provider of PV storage and transport in The Netherlands. Eternalsun Spire is one of the leading manufacturers of high-accuracy PV testing equipment.

Our independent Services

Laboratory Testing for PV Modules: EL testing, Flash testing and visual inspection

  • Performance testing: Pmax validation via Flash/IV Testing conform IEC 61215-3:MQT 06
  • Electroluminescence/EL testing for defect detection conform IEC 60904-13
  • PV module visual inspection

Consultancy Services during or after the buying process of PV modules

  • Definition of the module acceptance quality criteria to demand the manufacturer
  • Module purchase contract optimization
  • Claim support

Our Customers

We provide quality control services for PV modules and consulting to any company involved in the purchase of modules or ownership of PV projects:

  • Photovoltaic Plants Owners
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPCs)
  • PV Project Developers
  • PV Module Wholesalers
  • Banks / Insurance Companies
  • Investors

Some of our customers

  • Amara
  • BayWa r.e.
  • Ecorus
  • Goldbeck
  • Sunrock


If you are a PV plant owner, developer, EPC, financial institution or investor, and you want to ensure maximum profitability and operational safety of your photovoltaic project, get in touch with us.