24 September 2020

How to test Perovskite and tandem PV panels (part 1 of 2)

Wednesday, September 30


8:00-9:00 CEST , 17:00-18:00 CEST

(Time shows in Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna)


Are you ready for this promising technology?

Perovskite and tandem PV modules are coming strongly. Different laboratories around the world are working towards an industrial feasible perovskite and tandem cell production. It is expected that within the coming years we see such modules being available commercially.

These technologies, however, operate in a different manner than Silicon modules. At EUPVSEC 2020 the majority of presentations showed advancements in perovskite and tandem PV technology devices, and the steps that different organizations are taking towards industrializing them.

Part 1 webinar will summarize all the news presented during EUPVSEC and translate them into what it means when it comes to perovskite and tandem PV module testing. Part 2 of this webinar will directly show how to fulfill these requirements with practical equipment.

The session will be held 2 times at 8:00 and 17:00  Central European Summer Time (CEST) on the same day.


Elias Garcia Goma

PV Application Specialist @Eternalsun Spire

Member of IEC PV module testing committee  (TC82 WG2)

If you are interested in attending and gaining valuable knowledge from industry experts in PV module testing then please register through the following link: