Two key strategic ports in Europe

Spire Solar Iberia provides laboratory services from two strategic ports in Europe so that any company importing PV modules can test them before becoming the owner.

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Port of Valencia - Spain

Spire Solar Iberia

We also provide service in the Port of Valencia. The laboratory or Import Testing Center of Spire Solar Iberia is located at the Port of Valencia within the logistics hub of the leading warehousing and logistics provider for the PV industry in Europe, Amara. This strategic location within the distribution chain offers our customers the opportunity to verify the quality and performance of the solar modules before becoming the owner.

Port of Rotterdam - The Netherlands


We provide service in the Port of Rotterdam via OdinSpire. OdinSpire is a joint venture of Odin -the leading provider of PV storage and transport in Europe- and Eternalsun Spire -the leading manufacturer of high-accuracy PV testing equipment. This unique partnership in the Port of Rotterdam gives buyers the ability to mitigate financial risk of underperformance originating from premature failure caused by various module defects or lower actual module output than advertised.


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