High-Accuracy Solar Testing Services in a Temperature Controlled Laboratory Setting

Spire Solar Iberia provides Pmax validation, electroluminescence (EL) testing and visual inspection in temperature controlled laboratories setting, in addition to consultancy services.

Laboratory Services

We pride ourselves on our physical climate-controlled laboratories where testing is always performed under STC conditions (25 degrees C) using our in-house manufactured state-of-the-art equipment that has been trusted by the top solar research institutes for decades.

Pmax testing conform IEC 61215:MQT 06

Verification of module power output under 2% measurement uncertainty using the Spire 5100 SLP Blue and according to IEC 61215:MQT 06. Combined with statistically relevant sample sizes, this gives customers the highest possible certainty of measurement.

  • A+ / A+ / A+ rating for spectrum, uniformity and stability
  • 120ms long pulse for accurate measurement of high-efficiency modules
  • Calibration to best-fit reference modules

Electroluminescence (EL) testing conform IEC 60904-13

Inspection of modules for physical defects which can lead to underperformance or early failure:

  • Microcracks
  • Soldering Defects
  • Grid-Finger Defects
  • Inactive Cells
  • Mixed-quality cells
  • … and many more

The judgement criteria for pass/fail can be selected by the customer or by our team. Individual cells are judged based on defects, and modules are classified based on the total number cells with defects and their severity.

Because Spire Solar Iberia can test the modules before delivery, our customers enjoy the opportunity to be able to reject shipments based on the outcome of our testing.

Consultancy Services

Many module buyers do not realize that quality and performance criteria can be optimized in the purchase contract elevating the overall quality of modules that are supplied.

As a result, there are frequently large gaps between the manufacturer’s quality standards and the quality standards of the buyer, resulting in issues with claims.

Our experts can provide support in bridging these gaps through these services:

  • Purchase contract optimization
  • Acceptance criteria definition
  • Claim Support

Additional Services

To ensure the entire process runs smoothly, we also provide these key services creating an end-to-end solution for customers:

  • Unpacking and repackaging of modules in their original packaging
  • Logistics (pickup and redelivery of modules)
  • Storage


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